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I used good quality " ohm line" for the transmission line, To rotate the antenna Pennsylvanix put a call out on the ham radio that I was looking for a "Prop Pitch Motor". I also built a homebrew power for it. A ham in Erie, Pa. Above picture is of my 2 meter "Homebrew Double stacked "H" Array.

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Stacked 1 wavelength high and 1 wavelength wide. You can see the BC in the picture with the speaker ontop. In the mid 80s I got my "General Class". The beam width is about 14 deges at the widest point.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

All electrical lines are underground. As time went by I go more involved in 6 meters.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

But one day, while I was on the air 6 Meters we had a severe thunderstorm come through the area with plenty of wind and knocked my large 6 meter array down. Front to back ratio is 25 to 1. I will try to locate his QSL card in my pennwylvania and his call letters, however, he is now a "Silent Key".

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

I had a great time with this hugh antenna. The combination worked well together.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

I had a lot of fun with that rig, and buy the way I still have it and use it from time to time. I had many contacts in a lot of different call areas on AM.

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Also, had contacts with stations in Cleveland, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pa. Pwnnsylvania ham in Erie, Pa. I don't remember what Garland porno chat it was but I bought a Swan The antennas are all 10 elements. In the above picture you can see the Swan transiver and the "Collins RA" Receiver mounted in the rack on the right. Thats me sitting on the floor pennsylvnaia on my ham gear. I remember that it was a 10 to 20 watt SSB Transeiver.

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It worked very well. The antenna raises and lowers on a 4 inch I beam mounted on the pole with a volt ac reverserable motor attached to an 80 to 1 gear box located at the base of the pole.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

The elevation here is slightly short of 1, ft. Matching harness is all "Homebrew".

I bought some new "HF" ham gear and erected a "Tri-Bander" antenna. I did get on 2 meters while living in Depew, however, 6 meters was and still is my favorite band. In the above picture that is me mesaage the 6 meter beam by hand. Thats me sitting on the floor working on my ham gear.

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This was my first kit which that I put together. The pole snaped pennsylvannia the base from the high winds. Since he was so close to me his al would cause my Swan receiver to become overloaded. Another 6 meter ham moved in about 2 blocks away from me. They are feed with "RG17" transmission line.

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The elevation here is slightly short of 1, ft. I purchased an Ameco 6 meter converter along with a "Collins RA" receiver.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

It worked very well. With a view of about 0 miles in most directons except north.

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This picture was taken when we lived in Depew, NY. This was my first kit which that I put together.

In we bought our first home in Dewpew, NY. I began contacting other hams throughout the world. Also had scheduled contacts to Albany, NY.

Amateur message erie pennsylvania

In the above errie pictures, thats me holding rope and my friend with the tractor erecting the pole. While living in this apartment I bought an "Ameco TX" transimitter in kit form. We later moved to another apartment in Depew, NY. That is me in the picture in Depew, NY.

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