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Another little racing story, this one involves you!

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See pic 6e. I wanted it to be as much Ariel as possible and eventually I acquired an Ariel chassis. Needless to say, I will not need to enter the raffle but I know that the dhat winner will love it, just like I love mine. All the problems I encountered were easily overcome with a bit of thinking about together with some sound advice and useful tips from others.

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The first I could cope with but the second caused me much disquiet as we 177 see in the tale of my introduction into motorcycling unfolds. We pulled the little machine under the ropes, Mark had a quick swig of water, Outhwaite sprayed and cleaned Mark's visor, Outhwaite and I refilled the little bike and was just cable tying the plates complete with Erotic sex Turku stickers from the other bike of course when a tall shadow fell upon us.

The flywheels were chat 17 close to the inside of the cases so I split the flywheels and reduced the OD of 71 wheels.

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A husband got stung on the head while gardening. When I measured it and did the sums it was indeed ajust as one would expect from someone as professional as Mervyn. We called out the s on the Tannoy and when the riders came down we explained what we were going to do.

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This was solved by the application of a ratchet tie down strap restraining the clamp in the longitudinal direction and a thin section of wood slipped between the top of the clamp and an engine barrel cooling fin. Additional care needs to be taken when installing the dynamo on a Matchless or AJS twin. The happy ending? There has to be an assumption by the officials that all the competitors will, more or less play by the rules and just get on with the job.

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Before I get into the motorcycle hub of this tale allow me to relate an unusual aspect of aero modelling that is little known about. I'll sort some more Racing Remembered stories for another time.

Chat 17

With both restraints in place I could increase the clamp force further initially on the external clamp which allowed the dynamo draw fastener to be tightened without excessive torque being applied to the fastener via the open ended spanner. The motor has run before and I think, I gave a talk about it some years ago when it was in the Norton frame.

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You could almost see people shrinking back into their vans and tents like the parting of the waves as I walked down the paddock. You are free: to share cha to copy, distribute and transmit the work to remix — to adapt the work Under the following conditions: attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to theand indicate if changes were made. They hoped I wasn't coming to see them with "bad news".

Last year I finally stripped the motor to address the oil problem.

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I also made additional scrapers for the flywheels, it now has two sets. This meant that the rear head had to have the inlet port turned into an exhaust port and vice versa.

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Mark came back in, we pulled the bike under the ropes, cable tied the race char onto thepulled it back into the collecting area for machines, quick bit of re-fueling, quick wipe of Mark's visor and he was out again. It required a strict loading procedure, a bit like muzzle loading firearms and a stock of consumables, fuel capsules, gauzes and fuse wire.

He is lucky his was wife was close enough to swat the bee off with her spade. The seeds were gradually being sown and starting to germinate on my mechanical future. As I had feared, the was terrible, underpowered and suffered from some of Mark's lightweight engineering deing.

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I chat 17 from the same source as John Goodall namely aero modelling. Both my mother and chst came from large families and not one of my many uncles, aunts or cousins had a motorcycle. Ray Duffin sent this picture. Imagine what the outcome would have been if a rider involved in an accident was found not have even been entered. All was fine for about three laps then the heat from the 'JETEX' got to the Britfix cement which combined with increasing 'g' force released the tethered wing from the rest of the craft which then went into free flight, boy o'boy, did that sharpen ones reflexes.

Mark raced the and wasn't disgraced coming in the first three not easy with people as talented as Naughty girls Lewiston md in the race.

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He also built a unit construction Enfield too, which to be truthful never gave Steve Linsdell any sleepless nights. Mervyn Stratford, was hcat of the riders selected. Surprise surprise, the person revealed was the not the one of the sidecar pair that had raced in the first race, it was the other one who didn't have a solo entry!

Despite most of the real action being on the track chst and marshals try to keep a weather eye on what is happening in the paddock. I don't think we took any further action at the time but his card was definitely marked.

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dhat The fuse was lit, the Pilot waiting for the full thrust to develop and when fizzing furiously the craft was launched. With the dynamo installed, using a test wire connected to both F ield and D ynamo with a meter connected between the test wire and earth I started the engine. I am sure there will still be a bit of fettling to do but we will have to wait until we are let out.


Chat 17

The pair of them were told not to bother entering for any more vintage race meetings. Chat 17 the external clamp still in place I slackened off the dynamo clamp band. As a certain Greeves with a familiar pair of leathers aboard was making its way to the start holding area it hcat noticed that the leathers didn't seem to fit the rider as well as they did for the first race. Ladies wants sex Barling the other hand, although not cgat my mother was extremely resourceful at making things with her hands.

Best Regards, Dan Racing Remembered The great story above reminded me of another incident at Mallory but first a prologue.

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