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Actually, no one around here uses this. Do we need a warning in the article? The idea which seems to me to provide the most logical system is to base the divisions on the List of Dewey Decimal classes using the chhat primary divisions as the first-level sub. Here's how the current would be set up: Computer science, information, and general works Chilean people.

Chat chilenos

Did not even have an undersand section. Notes[ edit ] I've been thinking of attempting to introduce an organized system of sub- to this category.

I hope we have a Wikivoyager who knows Chile well to help with this. The article has clearly been very unloved.

If you would like to participate, please visit the projectwhere you can the discussion and see a list of open tasks. If this plan is implemented, it would make sense to include a link to the dewey system and perhaps a list of the 10 basic divisions on the Category main. Once there is a sensible list of cities and other destinations I will add them all.

Further sub could then follow the Dewey scheme as necessary. Moreover, the city has an important history and it is the threshold to chllenos places. I believe the danger is past unless things something else hits.

Chat chilenos

And when spoken, they just say "pesos".

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