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Your friends can you by typing the same room name, or you can send them the link from the address bar.

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How do I use this? However, for advanced features like the forum, you do need to make an with a password:.

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Rooms are not password protected, but their names are not listed publicly, either. You don't need to register an in order to use the dice rlol.

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If there is no room with that name, a new one will be created. Choose a nickname for yourself and enter the name of the room you want to play in.

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The unique dice and rules from Edge of the Empire are also here. About Just type in a name and hit the button to make your own room where you can roll some dice.

Just make a room and start rolling dice with friends! Give this room name out to the other players so they can you in there.

You can define macros to automate repetitive die rolls or often-used constants such as your attack bonus. List your macros: macro Add a macro: macro attack d20 Use a macro called "! It doesn't matter if an attribute comes before or after the actual dice code, as long as they are separated by a space.

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If you want a different set supported, check out the about. There's no to create or any other -up required.

You have to remember this name in order to retrieve the session later with the corresponding command "load MyCoolUserName". Do I need to register? Here you can have a ed session with your other players.

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