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Chat with lonely west kilbride women

Distraught mother Lynda had set up her business with money which her parents James and Patricia had inherited from the sale of her late grandmother's bungalow. It appeared they had decided that Lynda would die. Colin Coats, 42, was a violent criminal who had been convicted of an air rage attack in September when he assaulted a member of the cabin crew and threatened passengers.

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It was here in the dingy attic of Flat 4, Meadowfoot Road, that Lynda would spend the last two weeks of her life, taped to a leather computer chair, enduring a cruel catalogue of violence. Body never found Prosecutors were unable to say exactly how and when Lynda was murdered. In fact they were worth nothing at all. Not allowed to visit the toilet, she was forced to sit in her own waste.

It had the desired effect and Mr Glen paid Coats money. Detectives were initially wwst by the reluctance of witnesses to talk to them but gradually they began to piece together what had happened.

Murder victim's mother in hanging plea. life for killer who burned woman's body

But what led the year-old financial advisor to such a terrible end? For two weeks she was tied to a chair and tortured.

Chat with lonely west kilbride women

West Kilbride is a wonderful course with some beautiful views over the water to the Isle kilbdide Arran. Her hands were burned with a hot steam iron and her kneecaps were smashed with a golf club. There he and Wade abducted her, driving to a quiet residential street in the Ayrshire village of West Kilbride where two other members of the gang, David Parker and Paul Smith, were waiting.

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Coats decided to pay a visit, meeting Mr Glen on 20 April and showing him a plastic bag containing Lynda's thumb. At one point she owned two flats in smart Buckingham Terrace. How she was murdered and what became of her remains is not clear, although the High Court in Glasgow heard she may have been smothered, beheaded and burnt.

Both men were originally charged with Lynda's abduction and murder but pleaded guilty to reduced charges of holding her captive, assaulting her and trying to cover up the crimes. Business deal His loyal accomplice Philip Wade, also 42, was a cocaine dealer with a conviction for drink driving. There were men who knew, men who could have stopped the ordeal and saved a young woman's life.

The trouble was that too often she was spending other people's money. At yards it is a challenge for all but at the same time great fun to play!

Chat with lonely west kilbride women

He refused, saying later: "I thought I was being asked to dispose of a body. West Kilbride has always been a great social club, warm and welcoming and great fun to be part of.

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At a tearful news conference on 14 June her mother was distraught, sobbing uncontrollably as she pleaded for anyone who knew what had happened to her daughter to contact the police. Enraged, Coats plotted his revenge. The Largs and Millport Weekly News reported on a row about the removal of stained windows from a church. Always worth a game and if you live nearby, definitely worth ing!

Chat with lonely west kilbride women

Peter Hadley said: "He said he had killed her, she had tape over her mouth and he held her nose until she died. One of her toes was crushed by the loppers and the tip of her little finger was cut off. As the torture continued Coats extracted enough information to realise that Lynda had been handing over some of his money to Mr Glen, the property developer she had scammed. He said he saw her hands covered in surgical tape and that she was beaten up while being questioned about her bank s.

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Confident, charming and generous, Lynda liked the high life: expensive champagne, fast cars and casinos. Lojely of horrors Outside in West Kilbride life carried on as normal. But on 15 August Coats forced John Glen to strip naked in an attempt to extort more money from him. But Coats boasted to a cellmate in prison that he smothered her, cut off her head and burnt her remains in a furnace.

Perhaps it was avarice, perhaps it was terror.

Murder victim's mother in hanging plea. life for killer who burned woman's body | heraldscotland

But amidst the normality, a dingy attic had become a chamber of horrors. On 14 April Lynda was lured from her home in Glasgow to Coats' house in the Ruchill area of the city. Wade, from Glengarnock, North Ayrshire, brought a torture kit to the flat, a bag containing garden loppers, bandages, surgical tape and a bucket. Or perhaps they simply lacked the moral courage.

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Although the exact details may never be known, the boasts of her killers and the confessions of their accomplices give a glimpse into her grim ordeal. Whatever the reason, the young woman described by her mother as a "loving, caring girl" had picked the wrong men to scam. The property belonged to Parker, 38, who told police: "I know she was injured, but I didn't know in what way. Share this post.

When they put the hacksaw blades through my door I realised it was high-duty serious.

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