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Penyulap talk10 October UTC I still haven't got the archiving right, I'll disable it for a while, I had set it up before properly elsewhere.

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I thought I Naughty older women this sentence until "distinct". Keeping bad writing and mistakes in the article down to a level where people can't be bothered vandalising is even easier. It will need to wait for bulking up however, that's how articles grow, it all goes in here first, until there is enough to separate off.

Chat with tooth fairy

The myth wouldn't be sustained without parent's active encouragement. Lets hope he or she loves the improvement eh?

A typical soother fairy gift is a dollar for every soother the child gives up. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Greek custom of throwing the milk tooth onto the roof a custom I was interested to learn is fajry pracitised in Korea and Taiwan. I GIRL FROM MISSIOURI see the earlier removal of the spoiler stub.

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Although it's not required, it's just an idea some editors follow. I took out the phrase 'deciduous dentition ' because its stupid.

Chat with tooth fairy

If you feel the article should speak to 6 year olds, telling them the tooth fairy will visit them, we should rewrite various tax protester articles, telling them that the IRS will leave them alone if the refuse to pay taxes and call themselves "free citizens". Support 's view of the relationship of trial and reward?? Steve Dufour26 May UTC parents should this article really mention that your parents are the tooth fairy see information about putting the tooth in a glass of water?

I think that it's notable, how about you? It is no place for the editors to censor things they don't agree with. When is old enough to give up sucking a soother, the child must try to ototh every soother in the house and put them in a container.

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I am tagging it as such. Come on, working together is going to be better than any alternative. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section fairu the talk. The editor might want to find a source, and re-add encyclopedic material later in the article. I'm not talking about 8 year olds.

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This isn't about a tooth fairy, but rather "Traditions and customs regarding deciduous teeth. These are not "prominent examples of folklore" Puley is a minor cartoon reference on Nickelodeon. I can come up with a couple directions: Distract children from a scary situation? For the temporary lede I did not bother to qualify the paragraph with 'An encyclopedia states The "Tradition" section also starts out "The Tooth Fairy is an example of folklore mythology" which links to mythology.

If I were to use a sandbox or text editor I wouldn't be able to collaborate as easily. That's policy. To add context. Three at once is questionable and it makes one think that one should Hampshire knolls DC adult personals up teeth to exchange, when in truth, a single tooth is exchangeable.

Chat with tooth fairy

Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk. This has merely resulted in two articles with near-identical content — apparently a copy-paste job with chqt minor, divergent edits occuring to both articles in the few months since. And definitely won't be glad with any attempts on our part to hide iwth fact the tooth fairy isn't real. If you want to chat about the plasma sheath that the International space station creates as it flies through the thermosphere we will be speaking the same language and I won't consider it too technical, or tesla's polyphase power distribution system, Her pussy is craving Bellmore Indiana a thousand other topics.

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Alanl talk6 September UTC A duplicate caht this Tooth fairy article called Traditions and customs regarding deciduous teeth was misguidedly created by User:Marcosm13 on 12 January with the stated purpose, "Transistioning the Tooth Fairy article to a more suitible, global namespace". Also, the comment wasn't appropriate in an article that includes other international versions that were probably untouched by Peanuts.

Yet there are so many fascinating examples, most of which were unknown to me. There's plenty more here to open kids' eyes than just the revelation of the truth about the tooth fairy. Yet in Turkey it is parents, not children who bury the tooth.

Chat with tooth fairy

The innocent reader who believes in the tooth fairy won't understand what's going to be revealed before it's all too late. So who do you think edits it?

Chat with tooth fairy

Basho5 September UTC I think that you should keep the spoiler warning because when I read that the tooth fairy wasn't real, I was devestated. Thai and Vietnames children dispose of their teeth in different ways, depending on whether it is an upper or lower tooth. I don't want that to happen to someone else. I think I may be looking for 'approachable language' or at least an article that does what it is meant to do.

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The current wording smacks of American arrogance. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section.

There is no protection. If you'd like assistance in learning how to add good material I would love to help.

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As for your mention of Fiction I see no similar article mentioned here possibly we can aim for this article to become an exemplary article. Meriam Webster uses lower case, as does the article linked.

Penyulap talk8 October UTC How do you feel about the sith "Tooth fairy gift amounts" so far, is it ok? I've improved the lede a bit.

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