Dl chat room



The hosted chats are monitored by House of English.

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During the hosted chats write openly so that everybody can read your questions and comments about the subject; this way, the discussion will be even more interesting for everybody. Type your message and press Enter or click on Send. Only the selected user will be able to read your message. I will quickly ban those that are guilty of chag this rule.

You can also use Emoticons in your chats; select the Emoticon you want to use and press Enter or click on Send. The audience that you have here at the Tavern is limited. Then, type your message in the box and press Enter or click on Send.

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After that, type the name you want to use and click on Enter to enter the room. If you're still having problems, contact me. To in other chats in our communities, enter the community, click on chat and choose one of the rooms.

Take advantage of this opportunity to practice English by asking questions related to the subject, expressing and commenting on opinions, and not writing words and phrases in Portuguese, or which are inappropriate or meaningless, since they hinder the chat development. This means no adult language, explicit sexual discussion, caht descriptions of violence, etc. If you want to contact many fans at once, you should do so on the Kaiwisdom mailing list.

Dl chat room

Kaiwisdom Mailing List The purpose of this chat room is to let us get to know each other on a more personal basis. Leaving the Chat To leave the chat room, just click on Exit.

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Also, avoid typing in Caps Lock as it means you are shouting in chats. Note: You will need to create a new user the first time that you enter. If someone is being truly obnoxious or misusing this chat room, contact me. Netspeak Check here some abbreviations used in chat rooms and their meanings.

Dl chat room

To talk to all users in the room, select "all". To have an enriching interaction, read the following instructions and rules carefully. If you're not familiar with netiquette, please read an article about netiquette.

Dl chat room

If you're not already a member then you can by sending an message to kaiwisdom-request world. Entering the Chat To in a hosted chat chat hosted by a teacherjust click on the button Chat Now!

Dl chat room

Keep the conversation appropriate for people 10 years old and older. You can also on as a guest but that's not as fun.

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Rules Remember to be courteous. On the right, you'll find a list with the names of the users who are in the room at the moment. Then, type the name you want to use and click on Enter.

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