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There are countless discussions on women seeking, obtaining and keeping a mate, but what about the women who look for happiness outside a romantic relationship first? There are women who have known since childhood they will never have children -- not because they cannot, but because they don't want to.

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Others may see your refrain from serious romantic relationships as fear-based. This isn't something to apologize for. Respect for human privacy is falling, while humiliation and judgment are on the rise. We need to do something about it.

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Learn more This fits your. Women should be encouraged to explore what it is they love in life as an individual and a human, first and foremost. People find fulfillment in learning, hobbies, work, travel and a plethora of other activities that become restricted once you have a family. Other people's lives are not your business, no matter what the tabloids say.

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The fundamental assumption still made in this ladis and age is that a man is single by messsage and a woman single because no one wants her. This is not true. Remember, you aren't a less of a woman if you engage in sexual activity outside of a relationship. Life is about what makes you happy, not what would make your parents, friends and the general public pleased.

I'm not questioning the importance of having relationships; I'm just trying to figure out why people put so much focus on a woman's relationship status.

Ladies message

No matter how much time you spend defending your choices, people will always laddies there's something wrong with you. Too often a woman who is focused on her career is either seen as frigid, or must one day choose between her career and family.

Ladies message

Being content is in no way defined; each person must find his emssage her own happiness, which will not always align with the world's expectations. Secure transaction Returns Policy For the holiday season, returnable items shipped between 1 October and 31 December can be returned until 31 January, Being a woman is the ultimate symbol of nurturing and caring for others, so don't forget to care for yourself.

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However, I find that most women who are willing to take the backlash of being single and prefer to be alone, or wait for someone worth their time, are far lwdies cowardly. It may be selfish to worry about one's happiness within before initiating a relationship with another, but that is okay. It is one thing to be a happy person who knows her happiness would increase with a family; nessage another to have nothing but a family to live for.

Ladies message

ladied This is often an underrated part of a woman's life. One day you'll find someone who sees you as more than a carrier for his genes, and that will be the one worth your time and energy. Don't let anything stop you from exploring the endless opportunities in this world before you decide to focus on a family. So, to those women who want to explore the intricacies of lxdies individuality while celebrating the friends, soul mates, adventurers, lxdies, mischief makers, mentors and sisters in their lives, don't ever apologize for the life you've created for yourself.

A stranger should not be allowed ladies message think it is his or her right to interrogate a woman about her marital status and then make a judgment about her based on her answers.

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For the women who are single by choice, I salute you, and ask you to remember the following: 1. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.

Fulfillment Should Come From Within As a single woman, you learn to be comfortable with yourself overtime. Make sure this fits by entering your model.

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It seems as though a healthy, happy and single woman is inconceivable in this world. Codependency is not healthy in any form. You should always be on the lookout for ulterior motives.

This fallacy continues to uphold myths about women and what they are expected to desire from life. Photo via We Heart It.

Ladies message

In this frenzy of match-the-woman-to-the-man, we've forgotten about the multitude of relationships that can exist in the world. Though women can have careers, friends and an active dating life, the expectation still exists that they will eventually want to settle down. Articles for women and men are full of advice and opinions on what will help them gain and retain a mate often assumed of the opposite sex.

Ladies message

Once again, we are discussing a woman's personal life.

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