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Message tab

Save Settings as Default Save the current settings for later use as message search options. When you select a msssage, the selection is applied directly to the message stream.

S In this article Use the Messages tab to select which message types to list in Messages Viewand to specify message search criteria. I'm at a loss here. However, very occasionally and seemingly at random and it's never happened to me one of my users will complain that the Message tab is missing when they read an. messsge

I'm very, VERY inclined to say that there is no way that MY plug-in is causing this, but my boss of course would never believe that. A grayed check box within Message Groups indicates that the Messages To View list box has been modified for messages in that group; not all of the message types in that group are messags. When you filter messages mewsage the Messages tab, that filter only applies to new messages, not messages that have already been displayed in the Windows view.

Message Groups Select message groups messagge viewing. When you create a new Messages window, it can display all messages. I asked their support team about it, and they don't understand why their product caused the message tab to disappear or why their work-around fixed it.

Typically, you first select Message Groups, and then fine-tune the selection by selecting individual Messages to View. The following settings are available on the Messages tab: Messages to View Select specific messages for viewing. The All button selects all message types, and the None button clears all types.

Message tab

I've attached a screenshot here to demonstrate that it's truly gone, but the ribbon is still visible.

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