Political chat room



ChickDx: 14 u?

Political chat room

Poltical i used to. Scoobdoo1fan: ya Weinpost: Do you like George W. Scoobdoo1fan: i stayed up all that night watching them get the polls from the states.

Political chat room

Before you get to that point, why not change pklitical approach to dating in general? Scoobdoo1fan: I don't know what it is Weinpost: Me neither!

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Scoobdoo1fan: or my dog passing away and my mom dieing. Weinpost: What is your dog's name?

Political chat room

You can chat and flirt on the go, whatever place you are in. Scoobdoo1fan: peanut. Scoobdoo1fan: sorry i dont know what that means Weinpost: OK, what is your biggest worry? Scoobdoo1fan: grinch.

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Weinpost: Why, Scoobs? GymnastKatie has left the room. Weinpost: anyone have any views on the issues facing the new administration? Weinpost: Scoobs, do you like Britney?

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Scoobdoo1fan: Or whatever his name is. Scoobdoo1fan: no he is an old guy Scoobdoo1fan: he's like Weinpost: uh, politica old are you? Weinpost: Do you believe in compassionate conservatism?

Bush is a hottie? Instead of relying on chance to help you find a sweet conservative women, use an online chat room on the leading dating site for conservatives - TenderMeets.

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It can be really frustrating and it can definitely weigh you down. Weinpost: Is Richard Cheney a hottie? Weinpost: Scoob, do you think we need a more conservative approach in government? Biznatchboy who thinks Britney iz hot?

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Scoobdoo1fan: i turned it in for extra credit. Buki7: n cgat one got naked pics of Spears? Bush and compassionate conservatism. Weinpost: me too!

Political chat room

Weinpost: Anyone think Geo W. Stinqwinky: Any hott guys want to chat?

. Weinpost: Do you trust Cheney as the two guy? Scoobdoo1fan: bush wants to make it illegal to have an aborshone Samkam Gore tries bush lies Scoobdoo1fan: And Gore wants us not to have cars.

StoneColdsGirlie: Britney Spears is a hoochie. ZCC He's a lier.

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Scoobdoo1fan: I hate bush and gore. There you are, a staunch conservative who is proud and confident in their beliefs. Why do you like him. PimpadelicMan: Hey, whats going on in here McnacLeah: any girls want to give me their honest opinion of my pic? IM me.

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I just think he's hott. Personal worry, in your life.

Political chat room

I like the grincg now Weinpost: grincg? Weinpost: I don't like him, totally. Scoobdoo1fan: no. Scoobdoo1fan: I dont trust Cheny.

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