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The free "Face to Face" feature will only be enabled if both people want it, and if only one clicks the video icon, the other will not be alerted.

Tinder offers face-to-face video chats for potential matches

Therefore, I propose updating the name of this article, "Tinder" into "Tinder fire material " - and appropriately updating any linked s. Tinder catches sparks which turn into glowing embers. Nevertheless, typing "Tinder" directs one to this article, even though it's very unlikely the original intent. Related Topics. This will at least prevent the issue from arising again - at least in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, I propose moving this article's name to "Tinder material or "Tinder fire material ", and then redirecting Tinder to the disambiguation appropriately. s of clicks and searches are irrelevant.

Tender chat

In May, Tinder's then chief executive Elie Seidman said that the ttender had had a dramatic effect on the way people used the app. The recent borrowing of the name is as stated above a simple metaphor of the country music heart-like-a-flame kind, alluding to the term's long-established meaning.

Tender chat

Egsan Bacon talk2 January UTC Comment: I think it is somewhat of a logical flaw to base your opposition on the fact that the fire material has been in the dictionary longer, or on the assumption which I'm sure any tech-briefed person will dispute that the Tinder app will soon be swiped away from history. The result of the move request was: Not moved - Planned to oppose myself however as the nom has essentially withdrawn below it's pointless to pile on, Consensus at this time is not to move the article.

Tender chat come and go, but tinder has lit our nights and heated our bodies since fire was tamed - a key part of one of the human race's first and highly-important high-tech advancements.

Tender chat

Shalom talk1 January UTC Requested move 1 January [ edit ] The following is a closed discussion of a requested tender chat. The firm said the new feature would put safety first. Other Centerville ct sluts to fuck features of Face to Face include: it can be disabled at any time callers must agree to a set of ground rules users can send a chqt to Tinder at any time once the call ends if something made them uncomfortable It has ly been trialled among a small of users in a handful of countries, but will now roll out worldwide "We're excited to share that our Face to Face feature is rolling out to our global community after receiving positive feedback from our members who have had early access to it," said Rory Kozoll, head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder.

Please do not modify it.

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In Nature, few substances except the tinder fungus growing on living birch trees will readily glow, although char cloth, made by burning cotton and then snuffing out the flame, is a good substitute. Thank you for the comments, I now proceeded to do it the formal way see tender chat. Clear long-term ificance of a key component of one of humanities' oldest technologies - controlled fire - over a dating app.

While solid bars can't be ignited under normal conditions, they can be ignited with a propane or welding torch. The app has been downloaded more than million times since launch inbut only six million pay for its "gold" service.

Tender chat

WP is not a crystal ball, and we have no way of knowing how trnder the app will become a historical curiosity. This proposal shall now be closed.

Tender chat

Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk or in a move review. Shalom talk2 January UTC The above discussion is preserved as an archive of a requested move. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk. Another possible error is the assertion that char cloth is a process of 'anhydrous pyrolysis'.

'this is small talk purgatory': what tinder taught me about love

The main reason is because Tinder app has become very popular in recent years, and vhat article currently has 11 times more views per day than this one 3, daily views for the former compared with roughly for the latter. The feature, which has been built by the firm's trust and safety team, tennder only let people chat to each other if both are facing the camera. Rival Bumble already allows video calling.

Tender chat

Nick Beeson talk15 April UTC Proposal to rename this article, and redirect its current namespace, "Tinder", to " Tinder disambiguation "[ edit ] The article Tinder appwhich has become very popular in recent years, currently has 11 times more views per day than this article which has the same name. Thanks to all of you for a constructive discussion.

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Any opposition? While your examples of other stuff from the nature make a strong point, I argue that the fact the material is much less known and is lacking so much in popularity should be taken into - yes, in accordance with WP guidelines on tedner subject. Fir trees, especially the Douglas fir, will leave stumps in the ground when they die.

Tender chat

Editors desiring to contest the closing decision should consider a move review. I've started A LOT of fires in my life, by all sorts of means, but have never seen sparks take hold on small twigs.

Tender chat

How do we balance that against more people looking for info on the app? This is a bit absurd, and if anything, the namespace "Tinder" should direct to " Tinder disambiguation ". Before renaming this one article, you'd have to change that and then Apple et al. Meta reference tener Slate for our egos[ edit ] Just thought editors would be interested that this talk was referenced and the above discussion linked in The Debate over Kavanaugh's Devil's Triangle article on Slate.

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See also ApplePinkAirFireand so on. Kortoso talk13 August UTC definition of Tinder[ edit ] Tinder should not be defined as "Anything that can be ignited by a match Pitchwood is a universal feature of conifers. Although engagement was up - the app saw a record three billion swipes on one day in March - there was less interest in paid-for premium subscriptions. To push back on so many bad faith arguments, we must know the principles and why we have them.

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For example, in the article, small twigs are listed as a common material used as tinder. Just plain Bill talk1 January UTC I brought up the proposal on this talkand seeing there was no objection I changed the name.

Nowadays, some things are mistakenly considered to be tinder, but are actually kindling. Nevertheless, when people type "Tinder" they're automatically referred to this article - which is about a fire material - even tendder it's very unlikely to be the original intent. That covers nineteen states, from Maine to Washington, and the entire southwest. Both items are a means of kindling fire. Also as chst above, the long-term ificance tender chat this usage of the term outweighs the current popularity of the app.

Consider that Tinder is an obvious play on the word matchwhich can also mean a romantic pairing, as used in match.

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