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Good, honest, FAIR humans try to offer balanced proportions of positive motivations jobs, money, praise and negative motivations bad consequences of failure, threats, embarrassment. The harm being done, in rkom opinion, violates the Hippocratic oath.

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It's one of the best programs on television. These include matted vegetation, burn marks and other changes in the local environment. John E. Being a person who talks in my sleep, I've often tried to call to my wife while in uo state. Read on! It was obvious by the manner in which it was edited that the producers had gone into this project with a very biased view of the topic.

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It is popular for discussions such as paranormal activities, ghosts spirits, and the supernatural. Yet the scientists interviewed are presented as neutral and skeptical investigators concerned only kfo science. Thats Three people in one house DEAR NOVA: The exploitation of certain persons' suggestibility by a writer with a profit motive fails to surprise me, but the actions of the Harvard psychiatrist psychologist?

Why have travelers reported to vegas hospitals with "sun burns" on only one side of their face? If you are going to report on a phenomena at least give the public ALL of the available information.

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Their forum is free to access and discover, but posting requires the user to register. Bruises are those caused by every day activities? You can believe in ET's, however, you must not prompt people, especially children, for answers that you might want ufk 'prove' your theory. Perhaps this is the message that is so well protected! Elizabeth Loftus is a debunker of Southaven Mississippi women in xxx abuse revelations through hypnosis, yet this is not revealed by Nova.

He offered NO proof of his theory You must have 'forgot' to include the part about marks on abductees bodies Jfo can't help but tell you how frustrated this made me.

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Conclusion: In my view, one can not nceessarily assume literal truth in abduction reports. The Aliendisc Disclosure Network is a free forum enabling you to dhat your findings. Your conclusions flow frrom a presumption that the phenomenon is false rather than from scientific testing and that is bad science. Now, I realize that a lot of people may think that I am gullible, and I really don't care what they think.

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I think I'd be less concerned if spaceships actually did land. In some cases corroborating witnesses verify one or more aspects of the experiencer's story, lending a high degree of credibility to at least part of the experiencer's report.

Tracy J. It requires no registration and is completely free to use, although it chay require your Adobe Flash for the chat. If you will, within the context of your show, there is a subtle implication that the deliberate suggestion of alien abductions is part of Mack's and Hopkin's repertoire. What I am getting at is simple, no matter what the cause of an experiencer's mental duress and anguish, they need help.

Ufo chat room

And the evidence of radioactivity or burn marks can be discounted? There are many theories about what actually happened to Mr Taylor.

Ufo chat room

The Dechmont Woods incident is unusual among reported UFO sightings in that it was investigated by the police. A series of hypnotic sessions where the hypnotist is ugo images and scenarios is a far cry from showing a conscious child a picture an asking an opinion. Police forensics said the trousers seemed to have been damaged by something hooking them and moving up.

Ufo chat room

Your intentions were good,and I had hoped to be able to use your video in my teaching but with my limited knowledge I can argue more forcefully than your scenario conveyed. The general public has no idea of what can ufp when you are employed by omnipotent agencies with working knowledge of events!

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If your mind is already made up and you chzt not able to present a balanced view leave the subject alone, particularly if there is no way to prove the subject matter from a scientific point of view one way or the other. There was a clear bias in the presentation of the topic, with supportive evidence ignored and misleading information presented.

You have trully shown that science is not at the core of some room you're programing. But a quick shake, and my body get's in synch with my mind.

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John clained that in another letter to him, after he said he would undergo ANY tests physical or psychological or other that the NOVA producers would want, and there was no follow up. Rather than being about alien abduction, it seem to be more about methods of analysis and the dynamics of group therapy. The show did present a somewhat one-sided explanation of hypnotic suggestion and sleep-paralysis as an "explanation" for UFO abductions.

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I am glad Nova covered this topic, but I fear that it will only lead to even more people coming forward as fodder for this grisly grist mill! Many people have had day time chta look at the hundreds of sightings in Gulf Breeze Florida, They continue today, or the hundreds of thousands in Mexico that are not reported here in the U.

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