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We eat Mexican food at home. You could only hear a slight trace of Miami in his accent, when he dropped the last "s" in some of his words.

Our children are Hispanic. But few, including President Obama, can really say much. He said conservatives should be proud that America is "an immigrant nation," as well as endorsed the idea of statehood for the U.

Check a different ZIP. That's Mexican slang for "spoiled boy.

Univision chat en espanol

The island has been in a recession for eight years. Individual programs, devices and marks are the property of their respective owners.

Gloria estefan's family gets candid in 'red table talk' show - los angeles times

The former Florida governor and GOP presidential prospect delivered a speech on economic opportunities peppered with Spanish. It's clear that the Republican presidential candidate speaks Spanish fluently with a gringo accent, of course. That's live sports and news you'll love, plus more entertainment to eslanol the season bright. Internet connectivity required.

Univision chat en espanol

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During the sit-down interview, Bush discussed immigration reform, Cuban foreign policy, and the Puerto Rican debt crisis with only a handful of minor word-gender mistakes. Bush, who is married to a Mexican woman and who has been embraced by Miami's Cuban exile community, kept his Spanish mostly neutral during the chat. Past presidents have brushed up on their Spanish, knowing how important it is to reach Latino voters.

Univision chat en espanol

ZIP code to see your next area's lineup.

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