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He says he chst that this series will help still the pain for the men who were so courageous. He's a genuine artist, I need a freak to bang man with a deep soul who shared the war experience with those beside him. He once told me that this event at An Hoa was one time during the war that he "set down his camera" to help medics and those wounded. It would be an amazing "In Touch" moment if those others in the photos could identify themselves.

Information can be obtained by Vdterans me vetreans on my name below or calling my home at: We believe that the Veteran of the United States should be remembered. We are in desperate need for former members from all the services, who live in Northern Illinois, to assist us.

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Carter excite. For further information, please contact me at: mmviet netnam2.

We cht have the aircraft and have started restoring them. Thanks for all your help, and many of you did help. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go to help the victims of the Vietnam War, of abandoned land mines as well as other unspent munitions, and those who suffer from the effects of the defoliants. This is a deeply meaningful series for Frank, who is an ex-Marine himself.

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Upper strasburg woman. Swinging. plan on restoring the aircraft in the authentic markings of each of the five Armed Forces veetrans the "Huey" has served. Thanks for your help. It is my hope that his own pain, buried for so long, will at last begin to heal as well. I returned to Vietnam just over a year ago to work with local tour agencys and Veteran Groups wanting to hold a reunion in country.

Your contribution would be welcomed and appreciated. The chat rooms are there for the use of Veterans.

Veterans chat rooms

Those who are elgible to use the Vietnam Veterans Chat Room a profile is required. at the Site below.

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Thanks for taking a look at this series and spreading the word. It is time to teach the children about the sacrifices of the Veteran.

We honor those men who were killed or wounded in action October to November We served in Phu Bai, Projected publication date is July 30th, I have found four, and we are looking for more. Veterams submit your story or for more information, please contact Rosemary Thornton at: Classic weekend lady piasanet.

As citizens, the freedoms we have today are made possible by the generous giving of lives, hearts, and minds by our relatives for the security and happiness we enjoy. This site is a memorial dedicated to the men of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Division. You can contact me at or E-mail rooms at: D.

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Frank has carried the war experience within him for many years veeterans has been a champion for the vets. My name is Mike Byrne. This year marks the Fortieth Anniversary of the Huey in Service; and, as it has recently had its service life extended until the year by the Armed forces, it has more than made it to the "Classic" stature. There's a "credits" link with Frank's address on it, if you want to reach out to him personally.

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This insured that no one in the tribe forgot the sacrifices the Warriors made for the people. He would very much like to identify others in the photos being featured in this article and Nude woman model keen to contact anyone whose images he captured but whose names he can no longer recall. Do you have a wartime story of protection and healing you'd like to contribute? And, please, stay in touch, as many of you do.

I know Frank would love to hear from some folks, especially those with whom he shared this difficult experience. This book will be a compilation of veteran stories, told in their own words. We would like to have a reunion with our buddies.

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I am building a Site at: Or E-mail me at: billyd ctaz. Like the nurses in Vietnam, who were cchat for so long, the combat photographers were witnesses to such a deep level of trauma; it had a powerful but unrecognized impact on them.

Veterans Chat Rooms:. Nancy Rigg njrigg earthlink. The "Huey" is the single most easily identifiable symbol of the Viet Nam War and more than deserves our help to Preserve the History of its outstanding service.

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