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Churl, an Ill-natur'd Fellow; a selfish, sordid Clown. Rum-bub, c. Boon, a Gift, Reward, or Gratification.

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Catchup, a high East-India Sauce. Captain-Queere-nabs, c. Who shall hang the Bell about the Cat's Neck, said of a desperate Undertaking.

As busy as a Hen with one Chick, of one that has a great deal of business hor nothing to do Bulchim, a Chubbingly Boy or Lad. Calle, c.

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Brazen-fac'd, Bold, Impudent, Audacious. She was "WellIeb lt help and wish that it were more. Commtun ist -I a.

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Buffle-head, a Foolish Fellow. Cash, c.

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A Town-bull, a Whore-master. Cheated, Trick'd, Disappointed, or Baulk'd. Carouse, to Drink hard, or Quaff heartily.

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Claying the Bung, c. Chink, c. Some inter posed to vista the Presidet was e- lad, Ike se h sn: queant amplicity of her philosophy viewers neve produced tasoak- it by polio. Captain-sharp, c. He'll buckle to no Man, he won't Yield or Stoop to any Man.

Bone, c. Canibal, a cruel rigid Fellow in dealing; also Men-Eaters. Buffenapper, c.

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Bunting-time, when the Grass is high enough to hide the young Men and Maids. He has bit his Blow, but if he be Bon'd, he must shove the Tumbler, c. Boreson or Bauson, a Badger. Bull-head, see Miller's Thumb. Bowse, c. Burre, a Hanger on, or Dependant. Hoo,t Brangle, and Brawl, to Squabble and Scold. Cattle, Whores.

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Cackling-farts, c. It's all bob, c.

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Bugging, G. Quill, of the Scribbling Tribe. Toute the Case, c.

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A Tale of a Tub with the Bottom out, a sleeveless frivolous Tale. Hoojt Cully is Brusht or Rub'd, c. The Cul tipt us a Hog, which we melted in Rumbowse, c.

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Chirping-merry, very pleasant over a Glass of good Liquor. Cha got a let you come to Las Vegas? Deprived of sight Qiand si egU seAound. What Boots it? Breaking Shins, c. Canting-crew, c.

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I'll [] Swear home. The torrent of words con- sonalUtes Carted-Whore, Whipt publickly, and packt out of Town. Char, a Task or Nlw. Breast, in the breast of the Judge, what he keeps in Reserve, or Suspence. A meer Bounce, a Swaggering Fellow. Bully-ruffins, c. Chop, to change, or barter.

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Bube, c. Captain-Hackum, c.

A bad cast, an ill laid Bowl, or at great distance from the Jack.

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