Webtv chat room



Created By Mark A. It will take you to the "newbie" and it has all the information on it that you will need to download the program. The messages you type in the boxes will remain there until you change them or erase them. Below I have a list of the various s and a summary of what the s contain. Everything is loaded webv you see the post about the of people in the room.

Making a webtv chat

I have tried some of them and found mIRC to be the easiest to get around in and use. You can also post an action and get info about any person in the room. Click "cancel" on the screen to cancel your entries and start the process over.

Webtv chat room

This is used to save messages. You can play pong, a slot machine, or blackjack. You will need a program that is specifically for IRC.

Click the one you want to post it. At this time I do not have set hours for hosting the chats, it is kind of just hit and miss.

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You can now edit them right there at the and you can see what your edits will do. I am hoping this room works better than the other one.

Webtv chat room

You may use these rooma to set up times to chat with your friends or just hang around in and see who enters, have them enter this area through this. With the note pad, you can type in info and notes and save them to look back at later.

Webtv chat links

The message that you type in dissappears after you post it. Once the info is typed in, click the "Connect" icon to get connected and start chatting. I know everyone has their own interest, and I tried to include a wide variety of links here. The topic box allows you to change the room topic that is printed at the top of the room.

Webtv chat program

Note 2: At times playing music may cause the chat program to glith and disable the posting function. This is a public post that everyone in the room will see. Note: Rook frames extensive websites cause this function to glitch and remove you from the chat room. You can type in words and sentences and hear them being spoken.

Webtv chat room

I want to Thank You!! You can get mIRC by clicking on this link.

The selected feature will appear in the area at the bottom of the screen containing the Webtv logo. Select one of the features then click "Go" to use it. On Version 1 you are taken directly to room webtv on the Talkcity irc server.

Webtv chat room

Type in a message in each box and hit "return" to post the message. You can send ICQ messages as you chat. You can visit websites and surf as you chat. Note: Some rooms don't allow the wsbtv to be changed. On Version 2 you will be prompted to enter a server name, portroom name, and password if you're a room op for the room to chat in.

The tv clubhouse - where all your friends are!!

Wait for everything to load before doing anything Both versions. To post your message in alternate text, type your message in the bar and click the "Alternate" icon. It is very easy to use and doesn't take up much space. Webtv can click on the RoomList to check out all our rooms. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to e-mail me or come on over wbetv post your question at.

The chaotic chat room

It's cool. Once you have it loaded ADD me to your contact list. Check back a little later to see whats new. You will need to know a little html but if you read the following s, you should be on your way to making your own chat.

Chat rooms

I have been busy setting up my new server and my domain hosting and web de services. Note: The music stops playing if you chqt anything in the chatroom.

Webtv chat room

Daily around NOON pst. If you don't have JAVA abilities you will have to download another browser.

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